Sunday, May 30, 2010

Done for now

We got through almost all of the list. Some of the items were not completed due to lack of materials (paint, trim, and parts) but for the most part, we scratched everything off the list. We're all wiped out and we even had some help. Vince and Noel came out and gave us an afternoon of their time and Noel even brought food. Thank you guys. It was very much appreciated.

And a very special Thank You goes to Bob Pryor. This wasn't possible without you bud.

Here are some pictures of what we got accomplished in our 3.5 day weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Josh & Kelly,
Wow!You really did a bang up job on the finish.The wood trim really sets off the aesthetics.I am very impressed on the lighting you chose.I will take the risk of being redundant.WOW!!!