Sunday, June 29, 2008

Skylights and Stairway

I cheated a bit and added a few more pics of the skylights instead of posting what little progress I got done. We had to go out of town so I only got a day in on the house. I was able to get the stairway sheetrocked, the kickplates cut/installed, and the stair tread installed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trimming the Skylights--Part other stuff

Once the interior skylight trim was up it was time to trim the outside of the box. We got that done in record time and managed to use some of the fancy rough cut trim too. While we were doing that, Kelly got the first coat of paint on the master bedroom walls.

And here is a preview of the upcoming deck project. It's close to 1000 square feet of deck.....what have I got myself into....

Trimming the Skylights--Part I

Since Ray and his crew were coming to pick up the scaffolding soon Kelly took advantage of it to get the cedar skylight boxes stained. As soon as she finished Butch and I installed the interior box trim....on to the next one.

Saturday Night

Once we made it through the day it was time to relax. Butch brought us a good burn barrel so we tried it out. The sunset was really neat but the real show was the south-eastern sky. The clouds looked really neat as the sun set. And I had to throw in a picture of the cuda, safe and sound inside the garage.

Painting Begins

Once the texture was done, Kelly and Kelsey masked and primed the master bedroom and the upstairs bathroom.

Busy Saturday

On Saturday, our new neighbor, Bob, came over to mount the kitchen countertops and backsplashes. What a guy!! While he was doing that Butch and I textured the upstairs bathroom. Then we worked on the ceiling for a while.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Transforming the Master Bedroom--Part II--& Other Progress

Once the walls were done and the room cleaned out (thanks to Kelly again) we were able to move our bed in and hang the door. Suddenly we have a bedroom again and it is really nice, not to mention big (22x17). If you include the closet and master bath, it's 660 square feet!! The view is spectacular and it seems to be made for watching sunsets. I can't wait wake up and look at Granite Peak and the mighty Beartooths.

Butch and Kenny were able to put up wall boards in the hallway too. There was 4 sections that needed wallboard, now there is only one left.

And in the basement, we set the 10x10 log Cant for supporting the great room ceiling. This made a big difference in how the floor sounded.

Transforming Master Bedroom--Part I

Since Kelly had finished taping/mudding/sanding the drywall in the master bed and master closet I grabbed the texture gun and sprayed it. Kenny masked everything as I prepped and then knocked the texture down like an expert. It looks great. Then it was time to put up some wall boards. Kelly had stained a few of them in anticipation of just such an event. We are putting one ceiling board (8") on bottom, then 7 wall boards (6"), and then one more ceiling board to make it work out perfectly.

Great Room Ceiling--Part III

This is where we finished up for the weekend. We have been pushing hard to get the peak area done so that we can give Ray back his scaffolding. We're not quite there yet but it's getting easier now that we don't have to have stools on top of the scaffolds!

Butch came up with a very neat trim piece for the peak and it looks great. We also hung one of the ceiling fans. It looks great and the remote control for the lights (dimmer too) and fan function is really nice.

Great Room Ceiling--Part II

Kenny took advantage of me being gone and quickly hammered out all of the short stuff between the wall and the skylight. Very nice. Thanks Kenny!

Kelly Hard at Work

All of the T&G must get stained before it goes up so Kelly has been bustin her butt to get it done. So far she has been able to stay ahead of us so we have yet to run out. She packed all of the lumber down from the master bedroom to stain it, then back up so we could install it, and has since then managed to stain close to half of one whole bunk. This and she has done almost all of the drywall taping/mudding for the last week. Add that workload to the Mom/husband stuff she already does and it makes for one very busy woman. Thanks baby.