Thursday, May 27, 2010

The weekend thrash begins

This weekend is going to be a real thrash session. Appraiser is coming on Monday so that we can take advantage of the low interest rate right now. The list of things we need to get done is huge. I typed it up at work and I had to trim it down to keep it on one page! I'll update the list as we go. My hope is that the bar & library areas are complete except for flooring by Monday. Coming off of night shift now so I have a couple of 5 hour energy shots helping me get this thrash started!! Wooohooo....sleep deprivation rocks!!!

Here's the list:

Structural Work
Install bar door---Done
Square up theater door---Done
Re-caulk exterior by bottom of stairs---Done
Move all cedar trim---Done
Frame doorway under stairs---Done
Remove wood stove (Didn't get any stone so not necessary)
Install stone on fireplace wall
Raise and re-seal chimney
Cover front edge of hearth

Electrical Work
Install bar outlets---Done
Install bar switches---Done
Install bar lights---Done
Install bar fridge outlet---Done
Run additional circuit for bar fridge---Done
Install Bar fridge---Done
Install switch for Library lights
Install front wall outlets---Done
Install tv outlet & signal wiring---Done
Install light and switch for under stairway closet---Done

Paint bar walls---Done
Touch up ceiling to sculpture joint paint
Closet door---Done
Utility room door---Done
Kelsey's room door
Spare bedroom door
Garage Door---Done
Entry door---Done
Double door---Done
Bar door---Done
Stain Cedar Trim---Done
Stain extension jambs once installed---Done

Trim work
Extension jambs for windows---Done
Trim Windows---Done
Extension Jambs for doors---Done
Trim doors---Done
Mid-trim front wall---Done
Mid-trim garage wall---Done
Install fresh air return grate
Install a/c grate

Clean out under stairs---Done
Finish clean out of Kelsey's room---Done
Organize and clean up theater room---Done
Get snowmobile out of garage
Repair power steering on tractor (parts didn't arrive)
Move Tractor to back 40
Move Nissan to back 40---Done
Move Subaru to back 40---Done
Clean up and organize garage---Done

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