Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DONE!!! Done enough that is.

A house is never really done. It will get done enough. In the words of the appraiser, "A house is never really done until the day you move out." Sounds like the truth to me.

The last three weeks have been a marathon so now we are taking a break. As you can see it turned out pretty good.

Finishing Details

We're on the home stretch. Appraiser was coming Monday so we were pushing hard on trim, closet shelves, minor landscaping, and lots and lots of cleanup. Here's some pics that we happened to get before the work was all done.

Kelly's Pantry Shelf Project

Kelly once again show's that she has way more talent than she gives herself credit for. She designed and built the shelving layout in the pantry in one night. This is quite the feat once you realize that she built them out of the ceiling board scraps. Each shelf is two ceiling boards that have had the tongue end ripped off of one, and the groove end ripped off of the other. Each edge was then routered, cut to length, and then mitered to match the other shelf in the corner. They turned out really nice. Lots of storage and it looks great too. Good job baby.

Dirt Work--Cistern Feed Line and More

My Neighbor, Bob, is starting construction soon, and needed to get the power line conduit in under his road before winter sets in. When he told me that he intended to rent a trencher, I went in with him so that I could get the well line to the cistern buried. Not only did we get that done, we got Bob's power done, Ray's pasture cleaned up, David's trenching done, my slash pile moved, and a bunch of cleanup and grading done around the house.

Thanks to my Folks

My father and mother have been a big part of what we have accomplished lately. They have shown up regularly bearing gifts of goodies, labor, and always lots of love. This weekend was no exception. The trim that my Dad and Butch got done was awesome and the curtains, decorations, and furniture that my mother brought really helped turn the place from construction site, into a home. Thanks.

South Deck Done

We got started framing the deck last week so it was time to finish this project up. On Friday, Butch and I worked on the remaining framing and got started on the decking. By about 3pm, both of us were totally spent, and I had quit sweating. I guess I pushed it a little too hard cause I ended up spending the rest of the day laying in the shade or in bed drinking water. But we got up early the next day and finished that baby off. The weather was nice enough to hold until we were cleaning up and we were able to go inside and work on trim. Here's a few pictures.

Log Accent #3--Log Stair Rail

Keeping with the log/wood theme, Kelly found a suitable standing dead tree for the stair rail. She knocked it down, drug it up to the house, limbed it, and used the draw knife to skin it. Then she sanded and stained it. Butch and her attached the black iron hardware and hung it up. Looks good baby.

Siding Finished!!

While I was at work Thursday, Kelly and Butch worked on Siding. They got the whole front of the house done. That's one more project complete. The exterior is now lacking 1/2 of the deck, stain, and landscaping.