Sunday, September 27, 2009

Staining and Sealing the House

With Winter fast approaching we had to get the house stained and sealed. To get this done we rented a towable manlift and Kelly sweet-talked Butch into coming back up and helping for a week. Our buddy Vince loaned us a sprayer to make the application go faster too.

Kelly made the most of the time that I was at work. Her and Butch managed to do almost the whole house before I was able to get home and take over. I'm pretty lucky to get to work with these two.

The Stain we used was included with the package from Paramount Log Homes. It is made by Sashco and is widely regarded as some of the best stuff ever made for log homes. The stain is called "Capture" and we elected to get the lighest color they had to preserve the look and color of the logs in their natural state. The sealer is also made Sashco and it's a fancy clear coat that leaves a glossy finish on the logs. This stuff is spendy but the end result is worth every penny. I can see why Ray uses this stuff.

We ended up putting one heavy coat of stain almost everywhere but there were places that required two coats. The sealer went on very fast after that and one coat looked about right. To apply it we used the sprayer (airless sprayer made by campbell hausfield) to apply it to the logs/trim and back-brushed it with some large brushes. We used cardboard to guard the windows while we sprayed around them. We would always wash the windows afterwards but the cardboard made the cleanup lots quicker. There are lots of pictures below that show how it turned out. Thanks again to Butch and Kelly.





Tuesday, September 1, 2009


What would be the last thing you would expect to see hanging up in a log home in Montana? How about 10' long Hammerhead shark?

Ours finally arrived from the taxidermist in Florida. They did a great job on it and it really looks like a fish out of water on that big log wall! It's one heck of a conversation piece. And for the record, it's not quite 10' long, it's 9'-8" long. Weight was estimated at 450lbs. Finally proof that I caught a fish bigger than me.