Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bar Top--Part One--Logging

Late last year we watched the largest tree on our property start to yellow and die. Fearing that it was beetles, we cut it down. It wasn't easy either since the tree was over 38" in diameter at the stump. My biggest saw has a 20" bar so it took a while. When that big bugger tipped over it made the earth shake.

This was to be the perfect tree for the Pinecrest pub bar top. The top needs to be about 20" wide, 6" thick, and about 20 feet long. There was only one problem. This giant of a tree was still in the bottom of the coulee and unless we were able to get it out, we wouldn't be using it for anything other than firewood.

Armed with 500' of 1/4" cable, two sheave blocks, and a 1954 Farmal Super MTA we drug it up out of the coulee so we could make the bar top.

Oops! Tied one end of the cable off to this tree and it didn't last long! Over it went once the tractor started to pull hard.

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