Friday, May 21, 2010

A very late progress update

Been slacking on my blog duties. There has been a ton of work done around here and none of it has been documented. Since the last update, the drywall sculpture around the bar is finished, the bar patio has been poured, roads to the shed and log yard have been graveled, final plumbing in the master bath done, coax cable (rgb-6) is finished to every room, and we've started hanging doors around Pinecrest Pub. I'll throw in some pictures but there's gonna be some gaps. Haven't been taking as many as I needed too so bear with me. I'll fill in the gaps later.

I also have to give a big Thank You to A couple people. My wife has been putting up with my shit and pitching in more than the average person would ever do. The other person that deserves the thank you is Bob Pryor. He's been slaving away on the drywall sculpture and I have to say, I understand why this isn't in everyone's home. There is a STUPID amount of labor in it. Hanging it is easy. Applying 4 or 5 coats of mud, sanding between each, then caulking it, and then looking at re-doing a coat or two of mud before you can texture it makes it a real job. Been 3 weeks or better of mud/sand/mud/sand...repeat. He has way more patience that I do! Looks great though!

Here's the patio slab forms up with gravel and re-bar in place.

Another shot of the same thing
And you can see what I think of this.....mud is on it's way and I need a beer or more.
Drywall progress. All the rock is up, most of the joints have at least two coats of mud on them.
Good shot of the bar and the progress on the drywall sculpture.
Kelly priming the walls so we can paint soon.
The walls primed.
Shot of the wall texture.
"Pryor Stomp" texture on the ceiling of the bar area.
More bar texture.
Wall texture, heavy knockdown applied by the master.
Library ceiling done with the "Pryor Stomp" texture.
Look doors.
Missing doors again....
Shit...there's a door.....
And another!!
Here's the brains of the outfit. This is called a structured wiring panel. It's the central location for all phone, data, and cable outlets. Inside this box is the biggest mess of wiring you have ever seen, unless of course you are organized and plan it out. We did and it's coming together well. I would like to tell you that it's a work of art inside but we're not quite there. I have to finish up the phone/data end before I reveal what's under the cover.

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