Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Master Bath Trim and Dining Room Window

After taking a few weeks to recover from our Mexican vacation, we got back after it for a day or two. This 4-on 4-off schedule is nice for resting a getting some things done on the house.

The project for the week was to get the master bath trim done. This involved trimming a door jamb to the correct width for the fancy knotty pine door, building extension jambs for the bathroom windows, and then deciding just how to trim everything out. I decided to rip all of the trim down to get even more out of each piece. This helped me stretch what I had so I could finish the crown trim around the top of the walls, the mid trim between sheet rock and wall boards, office(toilet room) door trim, and both windows in the bathroom. Turned out pretty good for an amateur.

Now it's time for the glass shower enclosure. Hopefully the glass company will show up this week to get it all done.

While I had the tools out I also finished up the dining room window. The trim really makes a difference. Next week I'll tackle the big windows out front. Hopefully my trim supply will last.