Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Getting it right--Site Survey--

Once the land purchase was complete we had to decide what to build. Kelly and I finally settled on a "Grand Montana" package from Paramount Log homes. Ray and Jody own and run Paramount and we have been extremely happy with the amount of help they have given us. We made some changes to the floor plans and settled on the footprint of the building so we could get going.

Once we had picked the floor plan and package, we spent about 2 months getting estimates on everything from insulation to kitchen cabinets. We then sat down with the banker and got the ball rolling. Once that was complete, it was time to break ground but before that could happen we needed to verify the property line locations so that we could satisfy the setback requirements. Below are pictures from those two days. Lucky for me, My father is a surveyor and I have done a bit myself. With the help of a Registered Land Surveyor we were able to locate the corners and stake the lines. We would have been done a little sooner but the Mule deer were distracting us from the task at hand.