Monday, May 25, 2009

Tree Tree House

A few weeks ago, Pete and Sandy came out for a night and the girls (their 2, our 4) all wanted a fort. Pete and I did our best to stack up some logs, firewood, and some other misc. building materials to make them a fort. We decided it was time to make it happen. We had a ton of scrap materials from the house so I started gathering it all up and tried to sketch out a plan. In the end I just started throwing things together.

Here's the start. I got the beam attached across the two trees, a simple square platform framed, diagonal bracing installed, and Kelsey is attaching the flooring which is leftover material from the ceiling.

And here we are taking lunch...Got to get some walls put up so the kids can enjoy this.

Now there's a wall or two. Also made a walkway out of a tree that I didn't want standing anymore. Emily is trying it out.

Here's the view from out front of the treehouse.

A look down the log walkway.

Now it's time to install the roof. As per usual, if there is anything to be done with power tools, wood, and beer, my buddy Pete has to get involved. I think we installed the roof in record time cause there are only two pictures of us actually working. I think we drank the beer in record time too. Fun Day! Thanks Pete!