Monday, February 9, 2009

Master Bath Project--Framing

This was a very intricate framing job.  The tub height had to match the windowsill, the shower seat had to be the right height for the glass doors, and the tub steps had to look natural which was pretty tough considering all the angles we were dealing with.  We started with a plan, and it changed more times that I can count.  I am so glad that Randy and Tim took over when they did cause I turned out great.  

Tub on platform, checking to make sure that the height of the tub is correct. 

My plumbing job for the secondary shower head on the left, and primary on the right.  The bucket is there because I was pressure testing the plumbing. 

Here's the tub enclosure ready for backer board.

And now with Backer Board

Randy Setting the Curb and getting ready to pour the concrete shower base.

Shower base poured, ready to install the backer board in the shower. 
Backer Board installed.....
Randy Installing the moisture barrier or waterproof membrane. 

And now we are ready for tile......

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