Sunday, September 14, 2008

Log Accent #2

When we built the pantry, we intended to hang the pendant light from the vaulted ceiling. I installed the ceiling box and roughed the wiring to account for this. Later, when I had constructed the pantry walls, I could see the ceiling box above the pantry walls, and I really didn't like that. I thought that the ceiling should appear unbroken above the pantry so I removed the ceiling box as we finished the ceiling.
To take care of the light issue I started looking for a log large enough to hold a 4" ceiling box. I found a few but none were very decorative. I wanted something with some character, and it was a windy day that delivered what I needed. A large dead tree was tipped over just below the shed. When I walked down to inspect it, I found a branch that I thought may fit the bill. I wouldn't be able to inset it as I had planned but I thought that I may be able to fit it between the branches. I drug it up to the garage and went to work with my draw knife. I should probably be noted that I have never used a draw knife until this day. I had purchased one the day I built our address sign but had never taken the blade guard off. It was a learning experience and I was happy that I had a good DA sander to help blend my mistakes. Kelly stained it and we used it as decoration until we got around to putting it up. Butch helped me trace the outline on some of the cedar we used here and up it went. Butch's tools once again saved my butt. His "pinner" was a godsend. Cedar is brittle wood and the finish nailer would split it but the pinner put it up easily.

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