Monday, September 8, 2008

Labor Day Surprise

I consider myself a very lucky guy, especially when I look at my Family. We had a pleasant surprise on Labor Day. My folks had arranged a "Labor" day with a bunch of the family. Not only did my folks show up, My Uncle Dean, Aunt Dianne, Cousins Jeff, Michelle, & Ashley, Grandpa Jim, Mike Tieg, and my Brother Will, His Wife Mellisa, and my Nephew Alex all showed up for a work party. My mom and my Aunt Dianne brought a ton of food and we all had fun. Butch and Randy were already here from earlier in the week so all together we had at least 10 people working. We got a bunch done too. We tried to get pictures of everyone but somehow my Mother managed to stay out of all of the pictures. I'll get you back mom. I cannot say thank you enough to my family and friends for all of the help. Next year, Labor day is gonna be a big party.
Here's Butch, lining me out again. He's in charge at the moment.
The Supervisors Lounge. Grandpa and Mike relaxing.
Randy, waiting for the action to start. He is one hard working guy. I cannot say enough how much his help has been appreciated.

Dean, trying to figure out what is taking us so damn long to get him some more measurements. He took over the ceiling board cutting operation. I had more comments about how organized he was (and is). Randy was amazed at how quickly he set up shop and started burying us with boards. Thanks for your help Dean.
Grandpa supervising again.
Oh brother, where art thou? Me and Will wondering what in hell I have gotten myself into.

Jeff, waiting on me, again. This is a common theme.
And here is what they are all waiting for. I'm hooking up the bathroom fan.
Now we have progress. Ceiling boards done in the bathroom and we're coming over the wall into the bedroom.
Jeff, taking measurements.
Master Bathroom Ceiling done.
Michelle, waiting patiently for me to finish up. She ran all of the boards back and forth. Thanks for all of your help Michelle.
Kelly, Mellisa, and Dianne, relaxing after finishing up the drywall, paint, and staining logs.
Will and Mellisa, with Maddie.
Kelly's drywall is all done. The fireplace, ready for rock now.
Dad, smarting off to Kelly at the dinner table.
Alex hanging out with Maddie.
Kelsey and Ashley.
Butch, wiring up the entry and closet lights.
Entry and closet lights done. Nice looking ceiling!

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