Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Framing in the Chimney

We've come a long way from where this first picture shows things.

I was busy lining up the triple wall chimney pipe with the spot in the roof that I wanted to go through. Since then I finished the chimney install and flashing on the roof. But with the insulation now installed I had to finish everything the right way, and that includes a non-flammable walboard enclosure and steel fire stop. Pictures are below.

In addition to the non-flammable enclosure, the flashing has vent holes to let heat escape and I added another layer of protection. I encased the triple wall in another piece of 12" sheet metal pipe.

After that was done, I installed the steel fire stop and sealed everything up with insulation, foam, and silicone sealant. She's air-tight now.

Now it's time to finish the ceiling around it and frame up the new fireplace enclosure.

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