Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Framing the Fireplace

After finishing up with the chimney we moved on to more interesting work. Truely this could be called Butch's Fireplace since he did all the hard work. The compound angles on the 45 degree sides and celing joints were enough to make my feeble mind hurt. He managed to work it out very well and the finished product will show it.

First had to frame the front lower portions with the right sized opening for the fireplace. Then we started on the upper portions of the walls. Here Butch is holding the first of the upper walls in place, wishing I would grab the nail gun instead of the camera.

Me working on the ceiling, wishing it was beer:30.....or is it? Looks like there is an open on there.
Butch and I working on the ceiling. One last run of boards till we can finish up the rest of the fireplace walls.
Framing done! Time to roll up the hoses and put on some cement board and sheet rock.

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