Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Subfloor Materials & First Garage Beer

Today was a good day. This is the last you will see of the frost blankets. We uncovered the concrete for the last time and rolled up the frost blankets for good. Anyone need a few? $85 each.

One of my goals when we started this was to keep the business local. I have been able to do that with the lumber largely because of Stillwater Lumber. Joe, Ed, and Pat have been a huge help and their pricing has been very competitive with the big stores in Billings. The service that I have recieved from them has been excellent. The first load of lumber for the subfloor was delivered while we waited for the concrete to cure.

While we were there we decided to see how well the Hemi-Ram would fit in the garage. Of course that was cause for celebration. 1st Garage Beer!!

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