Saturday, December 6, 2008

Great Room Fireplace Part 2

With the fireplace in and functional, it was time to put up the rock. I was planning on doing it myself until I found out that a buddy of mine from High School was also looking for work. Eric and I used to party together in High School and since we last bumped in to one another, has gone on to become a Master Mason. Having worked steadily in the Yellowstone Club near Big Sky, Montana, his experience in the masonry field and his availability made this an easy decision to make. It did cost me some whiskey.....

Sorting the rock into simmilar shaped pieces.  What a mess. 
Masking the fireplace. 
Emily spraying the backerboard with water to help with adhesion.  
Eric sets the first stone. 

Eric designed an arch to match the front of the fireplace.  Had to cut a stone to make the "Keystone".  The soldiers that stand on either side took very little work.  
Setting up for a cut.  Eric marks the stone, I cut it.  Judging by the saw angle this one that Eric asked me to "Knife edge" to help hide the cut.  
The saw is my 10" dewalt compound miter chop saw.  It has done everything from cutting decking in Absarokee, cutting rafter boards in Nevada, Cutting wall boards in Alaska, rebar on the foundation, and now cutting stone for the fireplace.  

Eric cleaning up and tooling the joints on the low stuff.  Ready to go up. 
Setting up a platform for the work up high.  
Eric laughing at my diamond saw antics, another stone toasted....
It started snowing, so that made cutting the stone's that much more fun.  

Eric is smiling, cause this is the last stone.  
Done!! Now time for cleanup.  
Tooling the joints (scraping away excess mud) and cleaning mud off of other stones.  
Putting away tools and cleaning up the mess we have made.  

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