Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Progress--Hallway Doors

After installing two of the 6 panel masonite doors Kelly and I decided that we were going to install the really nice knotty pine arch top doors everywhere upstairs. This is a considerable cost increase since the the masonite doors are $65 each and the Pine doors are $180. Nevertheless, we went forward with it and this weekend, with my fathers help, we got almost all of them done. Here's a couple of pictures of the hallway doors and the install in progress.

Even at $180 each there are still quality control issues. In the pictures below my father is chiseling out the hinge area on Isabella's bedroom door. There was issues with almost every door that needed this kind of attention. Either the hinge screws were stripped (rookie on the screw gun) or the hinge was not routed in correctly.

Done with the hallway doors. Now it's time for Kelly to install her fancy door knobs. Also, notice that the T&G walls are done. Finished that up during the door installation too.

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