Sunday, June 15, 2008

Transforming the Master Bedroom--Part II--& Other Progress

Once the walls were done and the room cleaned out (thanks to Kelly again) we were able to move our bed in and hang the door. Suddenly we have a bedroom again and it is really nice, not to mention big (22x17). If you include the closet and master bath, it's 660 square feet!! The view is spectacular and it seems to be made for watching sunsets. I can't wait wake up and look at Granite Peak and the mighty Beartooths.

Butch and Kenny were able to put up wall boards in the hallway too. There was 4 sections that needed wallboard, now there is only one left.

And in the basement, we set the 10x10 log Cant for supporting the great room ceiling. This made a big difference in how the floor sounded.

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